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Affecting Your Present, Changing Your Future.


Welcome! My name is Darlene, and I'm the founder and owner of Embracing The Gift Alternative Care.

Embracing The Gift
alternative care is a renowned, highly respected Natural Restorative/Healthcare Facility. Using a wide range of leading edge healing modalities and treatments, our objective is to improve your personal health, inner harmony and peace.

Embracing The Gift doesn't create illusions, it offers new hope to optimum health!
As an exclusive and professional Alternative Center, Embracing The Gift offers you the best guidance and repair techniques, making you the master of your mind and body. It will help enhance your health and well being in body, mind, and spirit. You will discover strength and energy you never knew existed, a true and conscious journey of discovery.

Set in the beautiful Colorado, Embracing The Gift is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere, superb facilities and natural complementary therapies. We've gained an established reputation in dealing successfully with all forms of stress, pain and discomfort induced by modern lifestyles. The experienced staff, comfortable facility, and individualized services provide a safe, individual and specific attention in all areas of the mind, body and spirit.

As the founder and owner of Embracing The Gift, I have over 12 years of professional expertise in alternative modalities, combining my Medical Intuitive and Restorative Skills to accurately interpret my clients imbalances. Using my professional knowledge and proven methods, I support you in breaking free from the issues and problems that are currently holding you back, helping you rebalance and heal.

I work with open-minded men and women who want to gain the most from their lives. People like you. Now is your chance to make the best investment in yourself that you'll ever make. This is the life-transforming opportunity you've been waiting for so please feel free to take a look through our website and act immediately. If you want to change your life and improve it - you must do something about it. You don't have to live in the area to receive our services, we provide long distance services as well.

Contact me now, because Embracing The Gift is about your life!



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